PDHPE | Hastings Secondary College

Students benefit from a truly inspirational Personal Development, Health and Physical Education (PD/H/PE) program at Hastings Secondary College. Emphasis is placed on teamwork, fair play and sportsmanship.

Students are engaged and challenged through a series of innovative activities designed to develop knowledge, understanding, skills, values and attitudes associated with living a healthy and productive life.

In Personal Development we challenge and inspire students in a continually changing world for adolescents.

In Health, students learn to protect, promote and restore individual and community health.

In Physical Education the emphasis is on fitness and fun in a variety of different settings.

PD/H/PE at Hastings Secondary College is an exciting and vital part of school life at both campuses. For our students, it is an experience to be embraced.

Your Questions Answered

Are the school sports the same in both campuses? What number of sports you can do at once.

All students at Hastings Secondary College have access to the same school sports.

For inter-school competitions, each campus may enter a team if there are enough players. If either campus is unable to field a team, we are able to enter a College team. This is a state-wide knock-out competition and covers a vast array of sports and teams are entered based on student interest. Individuals are often selected for North Coast, state and national teams.

Every student participates in school sport on Wednesday afternoons, this includes many options at both campuses. During Year 7 students participate in a specific program of sports across the 4 terms. Year 7-11 choose their sport which may include: learn to surf, surfing, ten-pin bowling, shooting, indoor climbing/Darkzone, golf/golf-driving range, kayaking/canoeing/stand-up paddle boards, cycling, beach games, beach walking, multisports, school sports and more. New sports may become available based on student interest and staff expertise. There is cost associated with private operators and bus transport, however free options are readily available.

Each campus holds both a swimming carnival and athletics carnival and a combined Cross Country carnival. Students who perform well are invited to progress to the zone competition, to which the College travels together. Many students have progressed to state and national competitions in these areas.

Is there a hockey team at Hastings Secondary College, Port Macquarie Campus?

Hockey is a popular sport in Port Macquarie, the College often fields a College team rather than campus teams. So if we have the interested students, we have a team to enter.

What sport do the Year 12 students do?

Our College supports the Year 12 students by allowing them to “opt out” of sport on Wednesday afternoon to focus on their studies. However, some Year 12 students continue to train and play in campus and College teams based on their own interest.

Do you have a soccer program?

We have soccer teams for boys and girls at each campus, so long as we have enough players interested. Otherwise, we can do a combined College team. We have training and games as will normally accompany team sports.  If you are keen to build you skills in soccer, we suggest applying for the Sports Academy.

Our campus has soccer fields and students of all ages play fun games at Lunch. We sometimes have staff v student games too.

Is Gymnastics an option in the PDHPE curriculum?

Gymnastics is an option in the PDHPE curriculum, however, teachers need specific qualifications (in addition to their Teaching degree) to offer this option beyond the classroom. If your keen, speak to your PE teacher and see if they can help.