Caring for Our Students | Hastings Secondary College

The success and happiness of all students is the priority of every member of staff at Hastings Secondary College. We value every student and we ensure that each student feels connected to our College. The values of RESPECT, RESPONSIBILITY and PERSONAL BEST underpin the communication and interaction between students, staff and families at the College.

The team that supports the student wellbeing consists of:

  • Deputy Principals
  • Head Teacher Welfare
  • Learning and Support Teacher
  • Year Advisers 7 – 12
  • School Counsellors
  • The Chaplin

We nurture and support our students, helping them to develop into confident, independent and successful young adults. Support and encouragement is provided for all students to achieve their personal best in academic, creative, vocational and sporting pursuits within a positive, respectful environment where individual differences are not only accepted but celebrated.

Your Questions Answered on Student Recognition

How do you recognise the efforts of all your students?

Hastings Secondary College recognises that “achievement” is not limited to academic achievement and numerous programs acknowledge and celebrate effort, application, citizenship, volunteering and student success in many forms.

Merit system this involves teachers giving “positives” to students in the classroom, playground, at sport, on excursion, that is at any College event. Students receive merit awards as they accumulate “positives”. They progress through a system of Bronze, Siler and Gold Awards which are celebrated at campus assemblies. There are rewards events and excursions for each level toward the end of each year.

COAL scores: COAL stands for College Onging Attitude to Learning scores. Teachers score each child in their class based on clear criteria developed across the college, which recognise students attitude to learning, regardless of academic achievement. These are sent as a letter to parents each term along with the criteria. Students in the highest brackets automatically receive “positives” in the Merit System. 

Certificates are also presented for volunteering, school service and much more within our College. Many are also presented from external groups to recognise excellence, participation, contribution to name a few. These are often accompanied by “positives”.

Award ceremonies at both campuses and our Awards of Excellence evening as a College recognise and celebrate excellence and efforts academically as well as in Community Service, Sports, Creative Arts, and national representation.