Chaplain Program | Hastings Secondary College


NSW Government schools have always been welcome to provide time each week for Special Religious Education (SRE), commonly known as ‘Scripture’.

Mr Brett Bovey is an excellent teacher of Christian SRE to Years 7 and 8 at Westport Campus and Year 7 at Port Macquarie Campus thanks to the generous support of the combined Christian churches of the Hastings. He has experience as a Christian youth worker and continues his teaching of SRE over many years.

This program is not linked to any specific denomination, but enables young students the opportunity to engage with the values of the Christian faith. Our students attend Religious Education classes with parental permission. Mr Bovey also supports the educational and well-being programs of our College such as lunchtime programs, pancake breakfasts, peer support, sport and learning support.

School Chaplains differ from Religious Education teachers.

School Chaplains help students find a better way to deal with issues and Mr Mike Peereboom is the School Chaplain at Port Macquarie Campus. He provides a listening ear and caring presence and assists our college community to support the spiritual, social and emotional wellbeing of our students.