Policies | Hastings Secondary College

Hastings Secondary College achieves its high standards through the adoption of fair and consistent policies across both campuses.

These policies comprise both those mandated by external bodies such as the Dept of Education and Communities and those which have been developed in consultation with our college community to reflect excellence, innovation, opportunity and success.

Our College Anti-Bullying Policy involves a comprehensive, pro-active approach towards supporting our stance against any bullying or harassment. The College delivers Pastoral Care each day, during this time staff and students discuss current issues facing our youth such as positive relationships, cyber safety, being a supportive friend and building resilience.

An array of student-led days encourage positivity and inclusion, such as Harmony day and our College “Be a super hero” Anti-bullying Day held in March are run by our student leadership teams.

Numerous workshops with guest speakers are held throughout the year; police visits alert students to the dangers of drugs, anti-social behaviour and the need to take responsibility; Charles Sturt University (CSU) Study Skills days for Year 11; ‘Courage to Care’ – an anti-bullying program with links to the Holocaust and motivational speakers for the Year 9 Boys At Risk Program are among those.  More information can be found on our website at: http://www.hastingssecondarycollege.schools.nsw.edu.au/caring-our-students/pastoral-careconnect

Safe in Social Media is a Hastings Valley Community of Schools initiative for 2018 for primary to Year 12, seeking to ensure our young people are safe on Social Media, whilst educating them about the responsibilities and consequences of online posting and having an online ‘presence’. 

Find out more about Safe on Social Media.