The ANZAC Memorial Centenary Project Artwork | Hastings Secondary College

13 Nov 2017

In 2016 artist Fiona Hall was selected through an art commission process to create an artwork for the Anzac Memorial extension. Following the tradition of Dellit and Hoff, the artwork will be seamlessly integrated into the architecture of the new Hall of Service - a civic space that architecturally and artistically mirrors the Hall of Memory in the original building.

the list of place names encapsulates the geographical reach of the all to serve. In its breadth of names, the list describes our colonial history and the country's long-time indigenous presence.

The walls in the Hall of Service will display the names of towns, suburbs, and settlements across NSW where men and women enlisted from the First World War. There will be approximately 1700 locations from throughout NSW displayed and alongside each place name will be displayed a sample of soil, collected from each locale.

Hastings Secondary College Port Macquarie Campus school representatives collected soil samples with the assistance of RSL President Greg Laird. The samples have been sent to Sydney for inclusion in the commissioned artwork. An interactive digital platform will be available on completion of the Memorial build which will display information about the location where the soil was collected and stories from First World War.

On ANZAC Day 2018 a lone pine seed will be planted where the soil was removed to signify 100 years not forgotten.

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