EMPOWER PROGRAM | Hastings Secondary College

29 Nov 2017

Hastings Secondary College female students in Years 9, 10, 11 studying commerce, economics, business or legal studies have been part of the Empower Mentoring Program with the Faculty of Business and Law at the University of Newcastle.

The innovative leadership program aims to inspire and motivate young women about the education and career opportunities available in business and law, by bringing education and mentoring together to empower (E + M = Power) the participants to make informed decisions regarding their work futures. To this end, Empower connects our female business and law students with university students and professionals in business and law.

The program has included:

• Face to face sessions through online discussions with current female university students and industry professionals

• An insight into the understanding of what it is like to study at university

• Options available for study and career options in the area of Business and Law

• Learning more about the world of work

• Developing the skills to help in planning for career and future.

The final program highlight for our students was to meet local inspirational business and law leaders to add to their already developd skills by learnng to ask a series of situational conversational questions to learn more about the practicalities of business and law.

We are so grateful to have such giving women leaders in our community who assisted them in their pathway decisions from school to further education and/or employment.