Fun, practical science and engineering applications in real-world settings | Hastings Secondary College

30 Jun 2017

This week Hastings Secondary College students in the Year 7/8 STEM Academy and the Year 9 iSTEM program participated in Science and Engineering enrichment activities, facilitated by NSW University engineering students.

College students rotated through two practical challenges. Students were asked to design, build and test a turbine to generate electricity, and built a floating house which could support the greatest weight. The range of solutions they produced in a very limited time frame was inspiring!

University student mentors highlighted careers paths available to our college students. They also presented their ‘Engineers Without Borders’ volunteer group, which is involved in developing real local projects in South East Asia, using appropriate technologies and sustainable engineering solutions.

Thank you to our university mentors, we think there are now a few more like-minded future scientists and engineers in the making.