Snapchat safety | Hastings Secondary College

10 Jul 2017

Did you know users of the Snapchat app can now access a new snapchat features that gives the user's location 24/7 in real-time?

The new update not only allows users to share their real-time location and activities on a map, it automatically analyses their exact geographic location, time of day and speed of travel.

Unlike other social media platforms where users must manually check themselves in, Snap Map automatically updates as soon as Snapchat is opened – ...unless their security settings specify otherwise.

It means you could potentially share addresses without realising. Learn how to change your privacy settings to ghost mode.

If you're getting creeped out by the thought of the Snap Map, don't worry -- users have to elect to be visible on the map to friends, and they can operate in Ghost Mode, where nobody else can see their locations.

If you swipe down on your Snapchat camera and tap the gear in the upper right-hand corner, scroll down to the "Who Can" section, tap "See My Location," and choose if you want Friends to find you on the map -- you can even choose a select group -- or if you want to be in Ghost Mode.