The Ultimate Lesson: Peer to Peer teaching to improve student learning | Hastings Secondary College

07 Dec 2017
Teachers at Hastings Secondary College teach our students to think critically, using collaboration, application of personal experience and hands-on learning.
Today Sofia Gona, Year 12 Hospitality student led the practical hospitality lesson celebrating her culture through the connection of the popular dish from the Philippines -  Sinigang Na Baboy.
Encouraged by her teacher Heidi Speers, Sofia demonstrated and showcased one of the first dishes she learned when she first started to cook.
It’s a dish our whole family just loves and it is easy to make! It’s only a matter of choosing your favourite protein and vegetables you want, boiling it together in a sour broth and enjoying it with lots of rice!
The sentiment was shared amongst Year 12 Hospitality students as their mouth’s puckered up in anticipation of this refreshing sour soup – what a dish!

Download Sofia's recipe here