Westport Campus Cross Country | Hastings Secondary College

11 May 2018

On Wednesday 2 May, Westport competed in the annual Cross Country Run. Students ran a 3 km course through Findlay Park and around the school block. Students ran either at competition pace or at a leisurely pace with their friends. The competition was fierce for the serious runners who were competing to take the win in their respective age groups.

Results were as follows:

House Points:

1st Bukari             191 points

2nd Kula                165 points

3rd Weira              133 points

4th Talwong         104 points


Age Champion 12 Years -  Kayden Jones-Moore and  Isabella Diaz                                      

Runner-Up 12 Years - Kayden Thwaites and  Miranda Weston

Age Champion 13 Years - Blair Hemsley and Ruby O’Connor

Runner-up 13 Years - Cameron Halmi and Amba Korvemma

Age Champion 14 Years   - Luke Aguilar and Lauren Jean

Runner-up 14 Years - Will Delaforce and Sophia Mavros

Age Champion 15 Years -  Ben Stevenson and Marianne Gona  

Runner-up 15 Years - Jake Brady and Shontai Fernando

Age Champion 16 Years  - Edward Smith and Danielle Aylett 

Runner-up 16 Years - Travis Chandley-Pascoe and  Jessica Helmers

Age Champion 17+ Years  - Sam Beaver and Britney Bosschieter    

Runner-up 16 Years - Michael Johnston and  Melissa Martin

Champion Junior AWD - Morgan Jean

Junior AWD Runner Up -  Billy Sharp

Champion Senior AWD -   Jayden Simmons and Kimberly Goshorn

Runner-up Senior AWD - Kyle Robin