Westport Games Club developed to capture the imagination of students | Hastings Secondary College

07 May 2018

Westport Games Club is a social club for students to play roleplaying games, card games, board games and war games.

These activities are done the ‘old fashioned way’, with dice, boards, and social interaction. Supervision is provided by gaming enthusiast teachers and space is provided for students to meet and play these exciting games

Most parents may remember days of playing Scrabble, Cluedo or perhaps arguing over a board of Monopoly. 

In our first session this term, students attempted to survive the horde of zombies attacking Timber Peak in The Last Night on Earth. Others co-operated to plunder treasure and escape the sinking Forbidden Island or attempted to ‘explode’ each other in absurd games of Exploding Kittens.

Westport Games Club meets every Friday after school at Westport Campus library, 2:15pm to 5:15pm. Participation is free.

Students wishing to join the club please see Mr Hastings or Mr Bovey.