Transitioning from Year 6 to Secondary School | Hastings Secondary College

For children and young people, the most significant transition occurs when your child starts school, moves from primary to secondary school, and from secondary schooling to further education, employment and citizenship. This is an exciting process of change that for some students may require additional preparation, planning, adjustment and support. 

Familiarise yourself and your child with the College by: 
  • Attending our Year 6 into 7 Information Nights and Orientation Day.
  • Access the College website and familiarise yourself with the broad range of opportunities for your child
  • Connect with us on facebook and celebrate with us our student successes-

Assist your child with developing good work and study habits by:

  • Providing a place where they can complete their homework e.g. a desk or study area.
  • Discussing with them their assignment and homework needs and help them to balance their school work and social and sporting commitments.

Help establish and maintain a routine and timetable:

  • This is an ongoing process that starts from day one at high school.
  • Support your child in taking responsibility and accountability for packing their bag with books and practical equipment as per their timetable.
  • It is especially important to establish and maintain a regular homework and revision routine as after-school study is expected of high school students. 
  • Start assessment tasks early to ensure they use the full allocated time to submit tasks that reflect their best effort.

Build Relationships:

  • Attend the Information Night - meet and interact with staff and students - familiarise your family with the campus.
  • Discuss your child and their progress at Parent-Teacher Evenings (these occur twice a year).
  • Participate in parent surveys to better inform the College.
  • Log into the Parent Portal and use regularly.
  • Participate in or join the P&C and their events.
  • Join us in celebrating student achievements in academic, cultural, community, school service and citizenship and sporting events.

College Connect transition is an important time to establish and maintain positive channels of communication.

College Connect is designed to build relationships and understanding with students and parents/carers with the aim of supporting and assisting in a seamless transition to secondary school.

Information, links to forms, application processes and important dates will be shared through your primary school and directly via the College Connect Newsletter. If you wish to subscribe to College Connect or wish to enquire about Year 7 2019 enrolment please contact Ms Michelle Garven, Head Teacher College.